My sister Amal is truly the light of my life. Although she is 12 years younger than I, she has taught me how to love and cherish living. On most days she's is the silver lining to my life. I started taking pictures right around the time she was 3 years old. Most of my family is terribly camera shy but she never was so alas for lack of a better term she became my muse and sometimes even my lil. photographer (and still is). For 2 years now I have been living away from home due to school but I see her and my family every summer and the photos I have included are from our summer together. 

Somali sisterhood to me is incredibly important, especially being that we are black women; sisterhood is needed and should be embraced . I am so glad we have a platform like Araweelo Abroad to showcase  such wonderful ladies. My whole life was built on sisterhood, it was somali women who raised me, somali women who taught me, and somali women who saw the best in me. Often times women in the somali community are shamed and overlooked when it comes to talent and even experiences we go through. However we matter and we are inspiring and  talented among many other wonderful things, and that is something my beautiful and incredible little sister Amal has helped me realize.

by Farhia Jama

(photo credit: Farhia, Amal, friends and family)