IG Crushes

Our first IG crush is Halima Jama who is a documentary photographer based in Toronto. Intimacy bleeds from Halima’s work. Inspired by her father’s life journey, she says her photographs are an authentic glimpse into her soul. She has an innate ability to strip the simplicities of life and expose the vulnerability of rarely documented human interaction. She makes the art of photography simply irresistible with her unparalleled creativity and her beautiful captions should be compiled into a book of quotes!


(She can be found under @halimajama_ on instagram.)

Fatima Ahmed, based in London is one of our regular favourites. Her usage of light and ability to capture everyday moments are brilliantly creative. When asked about her photography style she says, “I don’t think I have one specific photography style, art is very subjective and what works for one image may not work for another.

I like experimenting with different techniques and composition, which helps me learn more about photography and find my own creative balance. It doesn’t matter what camera I have as long as there is plenty of natural light and space.” Her eclectic photography is a thing of beauty and her Instagram feed is a constant inspiration for us.

(She can be found under @Iamfatiimaa on Instagram)

This following photographer has made us all catch the wanderlust bug. Ayan Abdiaziz is a travel and lifestyle photographer from Copenhagen and her images are a daily source of inspiration for us! She says that she initially started off documenting her travels by way of photography and eventually her interest grew to documenting her beautiful surroundings too. She is drawn to nature, people and every day moments that tell a story. Her usage of light and shadows is by far some of the most impressive we've seen! Nobody quite captures foreign cities and their quirks like she does and our passports will surely be used more now as she has the ability to make anyone fall in love with travelling. 

She can be found on IG under @_photosbyayan.

Our next IG crush is Shamsa. She moved from Detroit to China about a year and a half ago and her photography is stunning. When it comes to her style, she says that the phrase "in the right light, everything is extraordinary" would be an exceptional description. “I don't go out of my way to take photos as there is within each and every mundane moment an infinite beauty. In technical terms, I love light. I am beyond drawn to light and how it plays with everything it touches. I only post iPhone photos on IG. I usually take photos of everything from my coffee, to my feet, to my books... always soaked in light.” She skillfully tells stories through her images and captures her surroundings in such vibrant ways, that we are all planning to pack our bags and join her in China soon!


She can be found on instagram under @shamsajay!

And finally, Hamdi Ali.  A recent crush of ours, the Toronto-based photographer has wooed us all with her gorgeous images. From landscapes to portraits she has a way of capturing them in unique ways. She says she was introduced to photography at the start of high school and what quickly started out as carrying around a simple point-and-shoot developed into something more magical. “I began using photographs to document the stories of others and then I started using it as an outlet to create conceptual images.” When asked about her style of photography she describes it as “vibrant portraiture that draws on the character, energy and emotion of those captured.” Her Instagram feed will surely inspire anyone to get out and shoot.

(She can be found on IG under @hamdiphotos)

Written by RJ and Sagal Abdulle

(cover image by Fatima Ahmed)