Home and Free

 by Dhool Hassan

After an unexpected yet unsurprising and all much needed departure from a job that was devouring myself and my coworkers of our health and happiness, I was left in a place that was never home, a place I spent too much time in, even after graduating university and given multiple chances of leaving. 

My life was in a stand still. Days consisting of sleep and nights being of unawareness that I was also choosing to do nothing again. Was being given another chance to be free of this place I never found a connection with.

Things finally started to move forward after a chance conversation with my mother, and an agreement with my uncle. I was propelled forward in time to the land that was familiar, a country I only lived in for a few years, a country of welcoming and understanding people that didn't make me feel like an outsider. A country neighboring my birth country in the continent I grew up away from and forever belonged to. 

Now I am here, with a place of my own, in a city that I never lived in but feels more like home than the 2 decades and so in a country that markets itself as the land of the free but not once I ever felt free in.

Here I am, where the color of my skin is not the definition of my character. Where my name is more important as it states my patrilineal lineage and the many families I belong to. Where speaking multiple languages is not discouraged but cherished.

I am home and free.