Artist Spotlight: Muna Abdirahman (Minnesota, USA)  

How long have you been an illustrator/artist?  

Muna: I've been an artist since middle school. But I got serious around my first year of college and really practiced and tried to get better.  

What is your earliest memory of creating art?  

Muna: When I was in 4th grade I remember drawing myself as a bratz girl because the girl who knew how to draw bratz wouldn't draw me so i picked up a pencil and did it myself!  

Are you a self-taught artist or did you have formal instruction?  

Muna: I'm a self-taught artist.  

What does your working/creation process look like?  

Muna: I liked to watch movies and listen to music while I create art. I create my best work during night time around 3am. I start with color and see how things turn out and sometimes I like to doodle and not think about the subject.  

Want to see more work from Muna? Find her on Instagram @munadraws