Bomb Hair Spotlight: Hamdi Lilah (Seattle, WA)

What does your hair routine consist of? 

Shea butter leave in conditioner.

Organic Root Stimulator Hair Mayonnaise once a week!

Have you always had natural hair? 

Yes, my hair has always been naturally curly. However, I did not always embrace it because as child my hair was too wild, thick and frizzy for me. Luckily, my mother was obsessed with my hair! She brought me all the 'Dream Kid' olive miracle products. And, I remember getting my hair combed and braided every morning before breakfast. It's interesting, those products have the cutest little girls with braids and straightened-hair which was how I would want my mom to style my hair. However, my mama didn't approve of the flat-iron and she would say "that's too much heat for a child, you don't want your long hair to start breaking off." But she would put red henna which is this green powder that smells like hay and give you a lustrous shine. That was my thing! 

Future hair goals? 

Currently, my hair is under rehabilitation from black hair dye damage. Also, I'm working on getting my length back. I'm shampooing less, once every two weeks, because I feel over the years my hair got stripped of its natural oils from repeated shampooing. The goal is to keep my hair break free, therefore, I am washing less and oiling more. Also, I'm doing a deep treatment with the Organic Root Stimulator  Hair Mayonnaise once a week. Lately, my hair-style has been more big loose beachy curls, kinda like Diana Ross.