Bomb Hair Spotlight: Ayan Jamal (Stockholm, Sweden)

You are a bit of a style chameleon. No matter how adventurous you always manage to slay. You also play with color a lot. Who/what inspires your looks? 

I am truly a style chameleon, thank for noticing! I don't like to limit myself to a certain look. I'm not a person with a bunch of rules but I would say that is the only one. Whether it's about what kind of hairstyle, opinions or the music I choose to listen to I wanna have the opportunity to try it all or at least change my mind. 

I am all about youtube & pinterest and also, I have zero patience so whenever I come across something that I like I just try it. I will tell you now, you can never be 100% certain about anything, sometimes you win but the joy of it all is knowing you got the power to make whatever happen.

What has your hair journey been like? What's your routine or what products do you use? 

Growing up in in the north of Sweden in an almost all white community feeling weird was a state of mind. So to not make too much of a fuss I felt it was crucial that I got my hair relaxed. I didn't wanna be the fat, black, Somali, Muslim girl with the fro. So I became the fat, black, Somali, Muslim girl with Scandinavian looking hair…lol. I often look back at those days as a reminder that I will never correct myself to any standards to satisfy a norm that I will never  fit. That is the best routine I can give you. 

What hairstyle is on your mood board for spring/summer?

I will shave my head again and dye it blond and whenever i feel like something else I will just pop one of my wigs on. But definitely be bald. That saves me so much time and it will help me keep my head cool.

What advice do you have for those who wanna experiment more with their hair/beauty looks but are scared?

I would say that you should never let your looks define who you are. Take control and try different things. The blessing it that you can always change your mind and that’s okay. Go on youtube and be inspired.

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