For those of you who might not remember, Hamdi Ali is a photographer who we introduced in our last issue. An artist who has truly caught our attention and our admiration, she specializes in weddings as well as portraiture and her works are filled with radiance and love. We have yet to see any Somali photographer who captures her subjects like she does. We had a chat with her and on the topic of her photography she says:

“Capturing an individual's essence is my passion. That's why I fell in love with portraiture. The twinkle in their eye, the unfiltered moment of pure joy, the fierce passion and the sweet vulnerability. This translates so beautifully in documenting relationships. That is why I also fell madly in love with weddings and documenting those special moments shared in the starting moments of a new journey. All of it, so beautifully unfiltered.”

There are not many Somali women who specialize in photography and it is exciting to see a black woman in a field with so few black people. We can’t wait to see where her talents take her!

Photography by Hamdi Ali